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Pups – A card game for dog lovers!


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Pups is a twist on classic trick-taking card games whereby players bid on how many tricks they think their dog pack can take at the dog show!

Available on backorder


In the game Pups you take the role of an aspiring dog trainer with dreams of winning big at the dog show. Each round you will gather a new pack of 7 lovable pups. You must groom them for success by bidding on how well you think they can perform at the show. After everyone has placed their bids the action begins as the pups start facing off! If your pups can win the number of showdowns you bid before the round ends you will earn the reward treats. But watch out… if you miss your bid you must gain the penalty poos. The player who can collect the most treats is the winner!

Pups is a lighthearted twist on classic trick-taking card games. 45 vibrant and adorable illustrations make up the deck in Pups and these cards are split between 5 unique suits: Lap dogs, Working dogs, Guard dogs, Family dogs and Mutts as a unique fifth suit. Combine a Mutt card with any other suit in the game to increase its value!

Players place their bids each round by picking a bid card from the center of the table. The 1, 2 and 3 bid cards are all double sided, with one side displaying a safer “At Least” bid, and the other side displaying the more difficult (but more lucrative) “Exactly” bid.

Pups is a fun and thoughtful game that is easy to learn for both gamers and non-games alike. It was designed to introduce a new generation to the fun of trick taking games while proving unique and challenging to veterans of the genre.

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