New Games That Will Come out for Xbox One

Gears 5

10 September 2019

Gears 5 (Gears of War 5) is the fifth part of the Gears Of War action saga, the sixth in fact if we count Gears Of War Judgement people can fly, and it takes us back to the struggle between the humans who inhabit the planet will and the strange, menacing and dangerous creatures who move through their bowels.

Marvel’s Avengers

15 May 2020

Square Enix and Marvel are joining forces to create the Avengers of Marvel (The Avengers), a video game developed by Crystal Dynamics (“Tomb Raider”) in collaboration with Eidos Monteal (“Deus Ex”).

Borderlands 3

13 September 2019

Borderlands 3 is a new episode in the action video game series created by Gearbox, Borderlands, which refers us once again to the mysterious Pandora to cope with its fast action and possibilities of customization and looted.

Cyberpunk 2077

16 April 2020

Cyberpunk 2077, which will go on sale in April 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is an RPG video game developed by the creators of The Witcher, CD Projekt Red, which is based on a classic board game called Cyberpunk 2020, and which is a classic of the 80s signed by Mike Pondsmith.

Infinite Halo

4th quarter of 2020

The Halo saga reaches its sixth episode, the action video game featuring the charismatic master chef, will again be seen in Microsoft systems with Halo Infinite, A Halo saga video game that advances the visual part of the series with the Splispace graphics engine in the greatest Master Chef adventure to date.

Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order

15 November 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action and adventure video game developed by George Lucas that takes place in the universe.

The Outer Worlds

25 October 2019

Obsidian signed with the Outer Worlds a first-person role-playing video game that returned them the glory they had won with The classic Fallout: New Vegas.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

October 25, 2019

The 2019 Call Of Duty is called The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and its release date is October 25. In charge of the Infinity Ward, the studio opted for a reimagination of MW in mid-2019, a modern war that also regains some of the original Modern War figures such as captain John Price.

Dying Light 2

2020 (to be determined)

Dying Light 2 promises to bring back all the brutality of the zombie saga with a new Techland video game that improves the formula of the beloved original video game. Acrobatics multiply, decisions increase, and hand-to-hand combat is even more visceral than in the original dying glow of 2015.

Hunt: Showdown

27 August 2019

Hunt: Showdown is a video game by Crystek, creator of the series Crysis among other productions, rich in cooperative and survival elements with a dark touch and creative art direction. In the role of a member of a bounty hunter group, in Hunt Showdown we must free the marshes of Louisiana from a series of disturbing wild monsters, No More s

S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2

2021 (to be determined))

GSC GameWorld, the creators of the saga S. T. A. L. K. E. R. recover on a new adventure their shooters placed in the dangerous “Zone” for, after more than a decade of waiting, planning to launch in 2021 the expected STALKER 2. After the original episode, and S. T. A. L. K. E. R.