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I love board games! I’m starting this blog because there needs to be a casual alternative to the overly analytical board games sites, and the game-player diaries that are out there.

I give an overview of each game and tell you what you can expect from it, and the best time to break it out. I’ll give my opinions and share some information that might add to the game playing experience, but I won’t get into deep strategy or other attributes of the game that, to be honest, most regular people don’t care about. That’s what the geek sites are for.

I list a top 10 for each type of game, but those top 10 are subject to revision in a moment’s notice.

I host a monthly board games night with people who know how to have a lot of fun, but who will also put a lot of effort into the game, so that the result is an intellectually satisfying and socially stimulating evening. Many of my comments here are based on such experiences.

If I am successful, then readers will take my advice, play one or more of the recommended games, and rediscover the real fun of spending time with friends and family.

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