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I love board games!

That isn’t completely true; the truth is I really enjoy board games – a huge variety of board games, from party games and word games to cutthroat competitive and grand strategy games. But what I really love is to see a bunch of people (a small bunch or a large bunch) get together over a game or a series of games, play, enjoy themselves, and leave the evening closer to each other than they started. I am a social facilitator, and I have a tool box full of board games.

I have hosted games nights for years, even while I was an academic. But I left academics, and said to myself “I want to run a game and book store.” Well, I declared myself a company in May of 2017, and I am close to opening a Boardgame Tavern. It will have a wall of over 1,000 games from which customers may choose to play. I will sell current games and long-standing favorites. I will provide comfortable seating, ample lighting, and pleasant background music. And there will be food; good, hot or cold food. And drink – from a full bar. It will be a place that gamers can call home, and that non-gamers will first feel comfortable and welcome, and then where they will eventually become gamers.

I started this blog because there needed to be a casual alternative to the overly analytical board games sites, and the game-player diaries that are out there. I have expanded it into being a part of my retail website, theholygrailgames.com, so that I can sell games as I build up my business presence and inventory.

Please browse the selection, know that if you buy from me you are contributing to my goal as the owner of a boardgame tavern, and by all means please contact me with questions; I specialize in matching people to the games they would enjoy the most!

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