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For the Curious

Hello to anyone who happened upon the space at 9412 Main St in Manassas, VA. If you followed the trail this far, you deserve to know what’s happening with this:

This is what everyone else is seeing for the first time here. The near and future home of The Crossroads: A Tabletop Tavern. Main entrance on the right, where guests will be welcomed by a hostess (or host), view the awesome splendor of the “Wall of a Thousand Games,” and be led to a seat suiting their party’s mood and level of interest, either upstairs or downstairs, and perhaps even outside. Choose a game to play – and get expert advice on the choice itself and perhaps help learning to play it – then order a drink, play a while, order an appetizer or a meal, and then play some more.

There isn’t a person older than 4 who won’t find a fun way to spend time at The Crossroads. There will be games from your youth (whatever your age, I guarantee it!), games that people have been playing since the dawn of history, games that have been classic for decades, and a very large selection of games from the modern board game renaissance.

Board game hobbyists all over Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC, area, have been looking for a place to call home, and this is it. But this is also a place for the non-gamers out there to discover that there is no such thing as a non-gamer. Tabletop games are great with friends when you’re a kid, when you’re a young adult, when you’re an older adult, and when you’re a senior. Tabletop games are great for families. They are great for getting to know people, and for people who know each other well. They are great for work groups, school groups, church groups, and teams of all sorts.

There is enough room to spread out, and there is reasonable privacy. Children more than welcome, as are curmudgeonly adults. If you’re willing to sit out on the patio alongside the building, you may even bring your well-behaved dog(s). Check out a few more “before” pics:

A view from across the rails, in case you’re stepping off the Virginia Railway Express, or the Amtrak, right next to it.

It’s also visible a block away, from Battle Street. Trying to get a sign up there…

Finally, a familiar view for some locals – but take a long look, because it will be changing. And change is good.


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