//The Continuing Saga of Holy Grail Games

The Continuing Saga of Holy Grail Games

It has been a year since I started Holy Grail Games, LLC! Yay!

I really didn’t do anything to celebrate, though. In fact, I just realized it’s been a year. But that’s because I started it as a head start on something else, not for its own sake. I started it because I was ready to start my own store. My own Boardgame Restaurant and Bar; my own Boardgame Tavern. A place that is a welcome and much-needed home for people in the board game hobby itself, and at the same time a place that is welcoming and comfortable for non-gamers (or, as I like to think of them, future gamers). And I want to do it because it’s something that will be good for the people I know, for the community I am part of, and for the world.

And it is oh so close, but oh so far away! My last post recounted what happened to what was essentially a dream space, but that’s gone now – water under the bridge. In the past week and a half, I have discovered, toured, and examined another place. A place really close to the last place, in Old Town Manassas, quite a bit bigger, pretty much the same cost, and good in very many respects. EXCEPT the owners of the building were very clear they would replace the roof (original rafters from 1901 still present), but nothing else. So I had it inspected, only to discover 1 non-functioning HVAC unit, and 4 others that are over 20 years old, and well beyond their expected life spans. So it looks like another space will have slipped through my fingers, unless a small miracle happens. We shall see.

In the mean time, I won’t let it get me down. I know that if I can manage to open a store, it will be a great place, and people will come, and it will do well..because it will be an awesome place to be. I only need to find a place, a place with some personality, a place that is visible, and a place with a kitchen. I am poised now to be able to move right in to the right spot, when I find it.

Until then, I know I have the support of just about everyone that knows me, readers of this blog included, and I appreciate that. Those that read because they simply care about what happens and agree that what I want is something worth working for, those that bother to reach out and encourage me, and those, especially, who deliberately buy from Holy Grail Games when they might spend a little less buying online. Apart from gathering with friends and families, and within and across communities, that sort of support is something the world could really use.

The monsters of our world are the business giants; behemoths whose concerns are market shares and investor profits, whose executives make sometimes hundreds of times more than their low level employees, despite the fact that employees work every bit as hard. Every time those companies are patronized (and I would be a liar if I claimed to have not ever done so, so please read this not as a lecture, but a plea), a little more is taken away from a local community. But if enough people stop and decide to pay a little more so that a local shop can open (or stay open), that strengthens the whole community, especially when it’s something everyone in the community needs. And “community” is no longer just a reference to something geographically local – it involves groups of people joined in many ways, regardless, even, of where they are.

So I’m out to help in my neighborhood, my city, my county, my state, my tri-state area, my country, my world, and whoever out there cares about tabletop games. Those are my communities, and I hope I can provide something that helps make them stronger, and give an example of how to live and aim for something worthwhile – frivolous as games may seem.

That’s what’s in my heart, at least.

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