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Tabletop Games: Bringing people together, on a budget!

Holy Grail Games wants to Make the world a better place through boardgaming.

  • Board games offer a great way to bring people together; families, friends, social groups, dates, even (and especially) strangers.
  • Board games offer an inexpensive way for people to get together and spend true quality time.
  • Board games are healthy in every imaginable way: intellectually, socially, emotionally, and for all ages.

You can play with a spouse, a date, a friend, a workmate, your whole family, your whole work crew, or even friendly strangers, and it costs less. Let’s compare the reasonable costs of different entertainment options for a family of four:

  • Movie tickets: $47.00; Add soda and popcorn to share: $82.00
  • Bowling (2 games): $48.00; Add drinks and snacks: $98.00
  • Dave & Busters (“Power Card” eat and play deal): $80.00; stay longer than an hour, $20 per hour, at least, to play; Bonus: Win cheap prizes
  • Washington Capitals (nosebleed seats): $200.00; add drinks and snacks: $260.00
  • Washington Ballet‘s The Nutcracker (cheapest seats): $156.00; add drinks and snacks: $216.00
  • Game Night (3 different games): $80; add drinks and snacks: $100 BONUS: Repeat nightly/weekly/monthly, only cost is food/drink

Game nights at home (yours or someone else’s) are infinitely customizable – the choice of food, drinks, music, lighting, seating, etc, are all up to you or whomever hosts. Once you own a game, you don’t have to spend anything to use it again; it has a lasting value, even if it’s pulled out once a year! Games can be silly and fun for all ages, or risque and suggestive for adults only; they can be simple and engaging for the whole family, or complex and challenging for a more immersive experience.

There is a game out there for everyone!

Let me help match you to your perfect game…or games. You will see how it makes life better, and that makes the world a better place.

About John

I am John Hornberger, the owner of Holy Grail Games. I have been an avid tabletop gamer my whole life, I have a collection of over 1,900 board and card games, and I have been in the retail business for three decades. I specialize in matching people to the games they will love and enjoy with each other, and customer satisfaction is my passion. I believe that there is at least one perfect game for every person (usually many), that there is something to like about almost every game, and I really do believe that games are so good for people that they make the world a better place. Whether you’re a crusty old gaming veteran or someone whose last game was Battleship when you were 10, there is a world of challenging and engaging fun to be had. Let me help you find it!

Let the games begin!

Best Board Game Store…Ever

To #maketheworldbetter #throughboardgaming!

If you live in Northern Virginia and would like to see a board game cafe done right, help me out! I am a customer-service-focused retailer; I have a strong sense of how to make people comfortable and how to facilitate a really fun time with playing board and card games. All I need is some help getting an actual store up and running, and I can make it THE place for people to come. Experienced gamers and non-gamers alike will find a home at Holy Grail Games, because it will be a fun and comfortable place to be.

This website is functional, but nowhere near ideal. I am offering a variety of games at regular prices here in order to eventually start that brick-and-mortar boardgame restaurant and bar. The first will be in this area, where I live, but I expect it to be very successful…and franchisable. Expect the website to grow with an ever-expanding offering of games, more articles and opinions that are accessible to all, and look for extras like videos and easter eggs to make your visit here more interesting. Keep in mind my goal of raising money for my own store before comparison shopping and ordering your next game from an online behemoth; they aren’t investing anything in your experience, or you. I care about you and your experience. I am not out to get rich; I am out to make the world a better place: through boardgaming! Your help is genuinely appreciated.

Game on!


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